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Bambi at 70: The saddest kids' movie moments

The 70th anniversary of Walt Disney's classic and other children's tearjearkers

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  • Bambi (© GTV Archive / Rex Features;)
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  • Harry Potter & the Half-Blood Prince (© Warner Bros.)
  • E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (© Moviestore Collection / Rex Features)
  • Babe (© Moviestore Collection / Rex Features)
  • Old Yeller (© Everett Collection / Rex Features)
  • Watership Down (© c.Everett Collection / Rex Features)
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Almost unbelievably, Walt Disney's ageless animation Bambi has just turned 70. As well as managing to enchant children across the world for seven whole decades, the film remains a benchmark for sad, heartwrenching movie moments thanks to the iconic scene in which the titular deer's mother dies.

But Bambi is far from the only Hollywood film that has managed to turn tearing kids' emotions to shreds into an art form. Here at MSN, we've put our heads together to come up with our top 10 tear-jerking moments in the history of children's cinema.

So, grab a box of tissues, prepare for your emotions to be unashamedly toyed with and click through to see if you agree with our choices!

Warning: This gallery contains several spoilers



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