Thu, 20 Sep 2012 17:49:23 GMT | By Ed Holden
Child stars who made it

Joseph Gordon-Levitt joins our collection of actors who survived child stardom

Josep (© Rex)
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There are a lot of negative perceptions about child stardom. Often, a youngster lavished with so much attention grows up with no sense of balance and falls off the rails (yes, Lindsay Lohan, that means you). Sometimes, a child star just isn't as cute in grownup form (sorry, Macaulay Culkin, that means you).

But occasionally a child actor survives the difficulties of growing up with fame and makes it as an adult actor. So we've been delighted to watch Joseph Gordon Levitt, pictured above as a child star in Third Rock From The Sun, making it as a serious actor. He's about to add critical sci-fi hit Looper to his impressive list of credits alongside Inception, The Dark Knight Rises and (500) Days Of Summer.

What other child actors have made it as grownups? Click through the gallery to meet our favourites.


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