Dynamo - whose stunts include walking on water on the River Thames, walking down the side of the 80ft LA Times building and levitating from the roof of a London bus - is back on digital channel Watch this week with Dynamo Revealed.

The supremely talented illusionist usually performs seemingly-impossible feats as spectators and viewers alike gaze and gawp in awe.

But this time, Radio 1 DJ and TV presenter Zane Lowe will be taking Dynamo back to his roots, uncovering the story of how he went from being bullied on a housing estate in Bradford to becoming a globally successful magician.

During the programme, Dynamo opens up about where he is planning to travel for series four of Dynamo Magician Impossible. "This is the first time I've talked about this," he says. "I'm going to go back out to LA. I like going to America, you know? Hollywood's always a lot of fun."

Dynamo will discuss more about the forthcoming series in addition to talking about some of his amazing feats.

Filmed in front of an intimate audience of fans, family and friends, Dynamo shares his personal story and reveals never seen before footage from his early days.

Dynamo Revealed is new and exclusive to Watch on Thursday 19 December at 9pm