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Updated: Sat, 30 Nov 2013 16:00:00 GMT | By Lorna Cooper
EastEnders spoilers: Roxy kisses Carl

EastEnders: Roxy's on the rebound

EastEnders: Roxy's on the rebound - 1 (© BBC)
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The doom and gloom continues for some Albert Square residents, particularly Roxy Mitchell, in this set of spoilers for the drama coming up in EastEnders.Poor Roxy thought she’d have a happy-ever-after with fiancé Alfie Moon, but she was left heartbroken at the church. Alfie’s strong feelings for ex-wife Kat scuppered any chance of marital bliss.Who can blame Roxy for going off the rails? Everything she’d believed in was exposed as a horrible fantasy – little wonder she’s rebounding in such an awful manner.Roxy waits outside for Carl; when he arrives, she pounces on him. What a perfect way for Carl to have revenge on Phil – by getting close to, and snogging, his vulnerable little cousin. However, Roxy must have a stomach of steel to lock lips with Carl.Click on the photo for all the upcoming action in Albert Square.


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