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Updated: Mon, 18 Nov 2013 15:45:00 GMT | By Lorna Cooper
EastEnders spoilers: Will Kat spoil Alfie and Roxy's wedding?

EastEnders: Will Alfie marry Roxy?

EastEnders: Will Alfie marry Roxy? - 1 (© BBC)
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It's time for another wedding in Albert Square... then again, maybe not? In EastEnders spoilers for week commencing 25 November, Alfie Moon is getting ready to marry Roxy Mitchell. But he's doing so after sharing a passionate kiss with ex-wife Kat Moon.Now, I may not be a relationship expert, but that doesn't exactly augur well.Roxy's doing her best to ignore niggling feelings of doubt and warnings from those closest to her about where Alfie's heart truly lies. But when her wedding day finally arrives after so much planning, it isn't hard to see why she'd want to grab a chance at happiness.However, will Kat let this happen? Or will she throw a spanner in the works? It's soapland and it’s an unwritten rule that no wedding proceeds smoothly. Fasten your seatbelts, everyone...Click on the photos for all the drama coming up in Albert Square.


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