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Worst films of 2011

Afghan Luke

Afghan Luke (© Alliance Films)
  • worst films of 2011
  • Afghan Luke (© Alliance Films)
  • Cowboys & Aliens (© Universal Pictures)
  • The Dilemma (© Universal Pictures)
  • Hall Pass (© Warner Bros.)
  • Just Go with It (© Sony Pictures)
  • New Year’s Eve (© Warner Bros.)
  • Red Riding Hood (© Warner Bros.)
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It's always a good idea for filmmakers to challenge themselves and try something new... but if the venture fails, the cost can be disastrous. And that's exactly what happened with "Afghan Luke," an attempt by "Trailer Park Boys" director Mike Clattenburg to tackle the Canadian mission in Afghanistan through a fictional story about a hard-bitten journalist (Nick Stahl) on the trail of a Canadian sniper rumoured to be collecting the fingers of his kills. The problem is, Clattenburg never figures out what kind of movie he's making; the tone swings chaotically between grim drama, broad comedy and edgy satire, bogging down almost immediately in a morass of arguments and binge drinking and never really regaining its footing. It's like watching the Max Fischer players from "Rushmore" knock off "M*A*S*H" and "Full Metal Jacket:" At five minutes, it might be entertaining, but at an hour and a half, it's a war crime.


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